My First CryptoCurrency

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To be honest. I never thought it would be such a great experience.
I knew bitcoins are there quite some time now.
Somewhere in November it caught my attention.
You can argue did you live under a rock, or what?
But yeah, November 2017 it got my attention.
It started with reading a lot.
And I mean really a lot of reading
The first couple of days I were learning what Blockchain is and what Bitcoins are.
Bitcoins, sure. How do I get them. Ok, buy them.
Whatt?!? How Much???? No way!! Yeah, that was around the 8.000,- EUR.

So what is mining and how can I start with it?
You can mine with CPU/GPU or ASIC.
CPU isn’t the best choice. ASIC isn’t that beginner($$$) friendly so GPU it is.
Mmmm great…. Bitcoin being dominated by ASICs.
But there are the Altcoins

Which currency should I mine, Which hardware/software do I need?
You have a couple of Variables to choose from.
Look at which coin is interesting for mining.
At the top you will find a GPU, it’s predicted power cosumption and hashrate
Now you have your coin, Read more about it!
You have your GPU. Find the best hardware around it.
I’ll have a seperate post about it later on.

Software, A specific build or OS? Or just plain simple Windows.
Mining software (Be aware that there are a lot of bad people creating shady mining programs)

Ahh I forget to mention a Wallet. So much choices in wallets.
With a wallet you can send/receive coins. So you need one for mining purposes.
Most coins have their own wallet. But you can choose for a 3th party.
Then you have another choice. What kind of wallet do I use or do I use a couple of them together.

You can choose a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet, a web wallet or a hardware wallet.
Just another blog post to follow.

Well just a few basics for mining some cryptocurrency.

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