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In my first blog I wrote that you could mine coins.

All you need is a computer with a decent GPU ( Processing Unit). The GPU is by far the most important part in our mining system. You’ve got two choices. AMD cards or Nvidia cards. AMD cards are great cost/performance wise. But are running hotter and are more power consuming. So If you have free electricity it’s a valid choice. If you haven’t go for Nvidia.
Example mining equihash will cost you 180 watt / card (not tweaked). At the time of writing this post a GTX 1070 (8GB) is your best shot. I’ve bought some Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1070 WINDFORCE 8G.




Next step is to find an affordable motherboard. Couple of things to look out for.
– CPU compatible – AMD or INTEL
– How many PCIe ports (x1 or x16?)

My choice was Gigabyte H110-D3A (LGA1151) with 6 PCIe slots.
I already had a CPU G4400 (Pentium) which is LGA1151.
I’m more a fan of Pentium because it got should get me a higher price when I sell it.
The 6 PCIe slots should give us space to install 6 GPU’s.

To power all the GPU’s you should invest in a good and stable PSU.
For a 6 GPU mining computer I would recommend a 1200+ watt gold PSU.
EVGA would be a good choice.

Now the the part you should really buy low budget.
A SSD hdd. Just for the OS. If you choise to use Windows as OS you could buy a 64GB SSD.
Memory. 4GB is enough.
Well our mining computer is almost complete.

To use all of our 6PCIe slots easy we could use USB risers. Be aware of how to connect them. Does your PSU have enough SATA ports?

Our mining pc doesn’t have a case so you could buy a power button to simplify your life.
Or you could setup the BIOS to boot after an outage.  Setup RDP and you’re good to go.
Nothing more sloppier than computer parts laying around the room. So be cool and build a case. A good and easy tutorial can be found here.

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