StoreFront customisation 3.X

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Hi there!

I’ve been working on a huge project implementing a new XenDesktop / PVS architecture.
Based on Hyper-V 2016, SCVMM and Windows 10 VDA’s.

Just a single piece of the puzzle was to customize the StoreFront.
This blog helped me a lot. –

I did just basic look and feel adjustments.
One thing I had to find out myself.
the .Loading-Logo wasn’t working.
It’s because its being overrulled by .large .detection-right-links, .large .loading-logo

So basically you have to add
.large .detection-right-links, .large .loading-logo  in your custom/style.css.

.large .detection-right-links, .large .loading-logo {
background-image: url(Logo.png);


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