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Hi all,

Some of you probably know I’m mining ZenCash for quite some time now.
It’s not only mining. I’ve read a lot about the project as well. Truly believe in the ZenCash team and the project they are working on. So I decided to set up a secure node. It’s running since around the begin of april.  Check out some more information about it: https://zencash.com/securenodes/
Since then everything worked flawless. Even a Server (host) migration was no problem.

Until I recently logged in on the console and noticed that i’ve got mail.
Cron job error said something like this:
I wanted to know if everything was allright so I checked the corresponding Cronjob.
It should be noted as followed with the only difference the “USER”.
If the cronjob is fine you’ll probably have to restart the zend service.
Use the commands, “Zen-cli stop”
Wait a couple of seconds a start your node again by simply using “Zend”

Wait until the node is up. And check if everything is fine through: “zen-cli getnetworkinfo”
You’ll have to see “tls_cert_verified”: true,

To force a certification check. Restart the pm2 tracker  service with “pm2 restart 0”.

You can than check the logs to verify the certificate is valid:
“tail -fn 100 .pm2/logs/securenodetracker-out-0.log”
Wait until you’ll see a message ended like:
Everything runs smooth and normal. No further action is needed.

Have a look at my node: https://securenodes4.eu.zensystem.io/nodes/37567/detail

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